Hi, I sometimes call myself Cathal Magus, and Gnostai is the group-of-one under which I hope to release Free Software. In case anyone was wondering, gnostai is Ancient Greek, and means the knowers.

There is nothing here at the moment. But amongst the dozen-or-so projects I’m working on are Volpone (a freedb library, written in Java), Tjanting (a gallery web-application for artists, written in Python) and Gawain (an issue-tracker, also written in Python). I just have to get around to realeasing them, and resign myself to their alpha-quality status.

I also like working with SourceMage GNU/Linux which is the most enjoyable and addictive distribution I’ve ever used. I’m having a go at rewriting their Bashdoc tool in Ruby.

I currently work on Alexandria, a book management program for GNOME. I’m also developing Palatina which is a ground-up rewrite of Alexandria, with the goal of being more flexible.

I used to keep an Internet Journal – but I wansn't very good at keeping it up to date.

Questions or comments to cathal.magus, at this domain.